Author Topic: Add-on to Grant Points over Periodical Times?  (Read 223 times)

Is there an add-on or a simple way to event a periodical point-granting system in BL? Pretty much I want to let points slowly generate over time while you're in a hub world, idk about AFK-farming or anything. I know there's a way to set this up via a lot of basic events, but I'd rather have a simple event or some server setting.

is it just supposed to give X points every Y seconds to everybody?

to actually do that should be a short console command
should be able to turn it into an event or two
like input>self>addscoreovertime[X][Y]
and <= 0 time to stop it

$TimePerPoints = 60000;
$PointsPerTime = 1;

function grantPointsSchedule() { cancel($GrantPointsSchedule); for(%i = 0; %i < clientGroup.getCount(); %i++) {clientGroup.getObject(%i).incScore($PointsPerTime);} $GrantPointsSchedule = schedule($TimePerPoints, 0, grantPointsSchedule); }grantPointsSchedule();

Grants everyone in the server $PointsPerTime every $TimePerPoints milliseconds?