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Mr Queeba - Brian - SW-3859-8231-1214 - Inkling, Villager, Kirby
hootaloo - hootaloo - SW-2256-3964-3503 - Isabelle, R.O.B., Duck Hunt
MrLoLČ - Mr.LoL - SW-7969-5076-8386 - Villager, Kirby, Isabelle
Copy Kirby - Copy - SW-1108-6170-8824 - Piranha Plant, Bowser Jr., Kirby
ThatDarkNinja778 - Orlando - SW-4432-8930-0619 - Kirby, Dark Samus, Captain Falcon
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HULKHOGANWWFWORLDCHAMPION - SW-6158-0427-2998 - Donkey Kong, Little Mac, Pac-Man
cooolguy32 - SW-7346-1551-2909 - Dark Samus, Link, Dr. Mario
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i dont have a switch but i just want to say that yoshi is very cute

really fun with friends
i've been smashing it up with some of my family and it's really enjoyable

and here i am still playing the 3ds version since i wasted all of my savings on a new pc

the only main that never loses.

this brother will beat u in ANY game. even smash
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apparently they buffed puff

Is there Gerudo Link outfit

alright quick vote: is snake ok

ye i been using snake for most of adventure till i got simon

the codecs are back from brawl but there isnt any new ones

i have that game i play world of light is hard i smash all characters