Author Topic: Hades - from the creators of Bastion and Transistor  (Read 224 times)

..And Pyre of course!!

The Game
So Supergiant Games has released their new title Hades as early access on Epic Games newly launched store, having the top spot in their small games catalogue. For those unfamiliar with Supergiant Games, they are a small indie company with only 3 titles to their name thus far. Bastion, Transistor and Pyre, all of which reached critical acclaim. Hades looks to be fairly similar to their earlier titles, but now with a rogue-like/Dungeon crawler twist. The theme is as the name presumes, Greek Mythology, with Hades son as the protagonist. As always, art is supervised by the fabulous Jen Zee and music is produced by Darren Korb. As a fan of everything Supergiant has released, I'm hyped to the max and I know I will enjoy this title. /discuss

Concerning early access and Epic Games
I don't have anything against it, being the highlight of their store launch it will give Supergiant lots of attention, which they truly deserve. The game will most likely be released on all the other platforms when it is completed. Early access is great for player feedback. nuff said

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