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Flak Cannon
Version 1.1

An anti-aircraft cannon that fires explosive shells that explode on proximity to vehicles!
.GIF of it in action

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What if the seat was a wheelchair

aw I thought it was the flak cannon from Unreal when I saw the name

mmmmmmmmmmm might need to make a small update to dogfight gamemode

awesome, BL was definitely in need of a new quality AA weapon

Version 1.1
+Reduce damage radius slightly (32 studs to 28)
+Decrease refire time from 1.5s to 1.2s
+Gun is automatic (click and hold to continuously fire)
+Fixed sight
+Fixed particles

thanks conan you are the best

i expected the yellow face bullet shooting thing from the rtb archive

was expecting the UT99 flak cannon
suing for false advertising

Now we finally have something to fight against those pesky stunt planes!
This is probably the best anti-aircraft weapon in the game so far!