Author Topic: write a Super Smash Bros Ultimate story one word at a time on character list  (Read 1960 times)

somone tell deathfates add me back :( i.m crying HentaiDeity#0765 he don.t add me back how help me
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i'm literally stuffting and shaking and crying rn this cant happen

everyone don.t trust visolator annyone or anyone and everyone love me really true  all blockland player trust Sugar again  you don.t trust visolator plz you promise
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all my discord server all you in don.t trused visolator plz you watch out be safe
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and Everyone DOn.t visolator your life  will this end for Sevi and my old friends in blockland beacuse i.m Sugar#2615  my past of future i tell true my  secret  how everyone love me p.s. you are my best friends shh it secret

ok lets recap:
page 1: we try to make the story but everyone dies just like in world of light
now: sugar really wants hentaideity to add her back