Which type of server/gamemode are you most likely to join?

TDM (Dogfights, Normal TDM's, Objective Based)
RP's (Family, Medieval, Sci-Fi)
RPG (Medieval, Sci-Fi, City) (Sort of like an MMO but smaller)
Minigame-Like modes (Falling Tiles, Deathrun)
Sports (Basketball, Soccer)

Author Topic: Which type of server/gamemode are you most likely to join?  (Read 2148 times)

i hosted a quickly whipped up dm yesterday and hit 28 players, but it quickly sank down to 14-18 cause it was pretty basic, plus people burn out of tdms fast. idk how sustainable of a genre it is if people burn out of continuously fighting in just an hour or two
I think it all comes down to adding a progression type system meaning the more you play and get score the more weapons, items, and rewards you will get. I remember this one server where the lobby allows you to buy weapons and items the more you play. There were different levels set I small spaces for some action-packed fun.

zapk's rising lava 2014

what if we combine tdm and freebuild

you get fortnite wars

fortnite wars best server 2019

Pompmaker's Endless Zombies
Rose The Floran's Deathrun
my own server of course
thats all i really play nowadays

King Smore's (TableSalt) solar apocalypse & FlavouredGames's Christmas Housebuild

trench/dogfight/grappleknife tdms, falling tiles, and medieval  rp/community rp

any tdm or dm excluding grappleknife and perhaps racing

Rose the Delorean's Deathrun because we share super secretive secrets about people there......