Author Topic: Melee Sniper "Rifle"  (Read 256 times)

You know how melee weapons in Blockland instantly hit where you click in a range? Imagine if there was a Sniper that had models and animations of a gun but it's actually a long range, high damage and low rate-of-fire melee weapon. Like the firearms from RTB v1.x!

So it's just a gun. The melee weapons all fire a projectile. So... The world's most regular sniper rifle? Are you looking for a hitscan sniper? Like the osr or quake sniper rifle?

yeah gun weapons that instantly hit are called raycasting weapons. you can find them in most weapon packs like bushido's tier tactical, bushido's quake type weapons, gravity cat's guns (the black ones, not his firearm pack), and a few others.

some weapon packs are entirely made up of raycasts like h&k pre-alpha, gravity cat's weapons mentioned above, and blockombat. the guns are generally differentiated based on accuracy and range.

oh well i though some bigbrain stuff could be done by making a melee weapon, thanks