Author Topic: Environment Zones Crashing Server  (Read 1109 times)

Having Server_EnvironmentZones enabled causes me to crash as soon as I finish loading my server and am about to spawn. I believe I followed the installation instructions correctly, as I downloaded BlocklandLoader.dll (v0.1.3) and modified my Blockland exe by patching the import table using StudPE. Then I downloaded SelectiveGhosting.dll and put it in Blockland/modules. According to the console SelectiveGhosting is being loaded successfully.

I've tried disabling all nondefault add-ons besides Environment Zones and New Duplicator. Disabling Environment Zones stops the crashing. Attached is a console log attached where a trace was run before loading leading up to the crash.

Also I am running the Steam version of Blockland on Windows 10 64-bit, if that helps.

You've got a lot of client add-ons running.  You could try temporarily removing Client_EnvFavorites.

You could try copying your Blockland installation elsewhere and running the game with a completely clean copy(minus the requirements to get EnvironmentZones working).

I've tried that it and it still crashed. Eventually I gave up on getting it to work with r1997 and just used the r1986 download from the BL loader github, which ended up working.

Oh.  I wasn't aware of the version difference.  That makes sense.  afaik selective ghosting hasn't been updated for a long time.