Author Topic: the dump  (Read 830 times)

here i finally post the tons of unfinished or usable addons that i kept private until now
these will infact be the last mods you will see made by me

no regrets
here we go
with 76.7 megabytes of data while compressed, here are the stuffty addons i made.!a4w3xICZ!Yn-cdHrvVLQ3Hs_HKL_W1g

please read the description.txt and readme.txt files inside the addons

also real quick
do not zip the mods, keep them as a folder

(please remember some required addons for some gamemodes are not included here but they shouldnt be too hard to find)

crack is goobad for you just so you know

you finally did it, absolute madman

Rtiz Get Crackin

SMM is cool since it aint broken