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What items can I get from Steam’s Extremely Cozy Cottage?
You may receive in-game items and community items such as Steam Profile Backgrounds and Emoticons from participating games, as well as consumable knick-knacks specifically for the 2018 Steam Winter Sale.
How many doors can I open each day of the sale?
You can open one new door for each day of the sale. Don’t worry if you miss a few days—you can open the doors for the previous days that you missed until January 3rd, 2019 10AM Pacific time when the 2018 Winter Sale ends.
What happens when I use a knick-knack item?
Knick-knacks each convey a unique and special power upon the person consuming them. Okay, not really. But, they will leave you with a cozy, comforting message and an additional level for your Knick-Knack Collector badge. Using the knick-knack item will remove it from your Steam Inventory.
How many items can I get in Steam’s Extremely Cozy Cottage?
You will get three items for each door that you open. There are 14 doors total--one for each day of the 2018 Winter Sale.
Do knick-knacks expire?
Just like the 2018 Steam Winter Sale trading cards, these items will expire on Feb 2nd, 2019 10AM Pacific time.
Who can participate?
Accounts that are non-limited will be able to click on doors and receive items in the Steam’s Extremely Cozy Cottage. Limited accounts can enter manually.
The full participation rules can be found here.


The Steam Community has spoken, and we are proud to
announce the finalists for The Steam Awards 2018!

But we still need your help in choosing our winners! Place a vote
below in each of our 8 categories to share your top Steam games
and developers from 2018. You'll also obtain a card from this year's
set of Winter Sale Trading Cards for each vote you cast.

Voting closes January 3rd at 10AM PST
Winners will be announced early February 2019

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I only voted for the free trading cards

We have to meme VRChat to be VR GotY

ye, totally not games that genuinely deserve it

I buy only the best games on the market

ye, totally not games that genuinely deserve it
Thank you for understanding

>steam winter sale
>buys hunt down the freeman

steam controller is also half off right now because of the sale. ordered one yesterday, can't wait to get forgeted up on those trackpads.

Only a true doomer is willing to gift the Doom Classic Complete pack for 4 people

why does tony have so many games on there with anime and titties