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A TDM that uses Gravity Cat's weapons. I decided on his pack because of the grenades (of course). The pack has been edited so that the weapons damage non-physics vehicles (the howitzers) so that people can't just hide behind them indefinitely while they bombard the enemy.
the build includes HAND-BUILT TERRAIN. That's right. You heard me. HAND-BUILT. It took me 6 months to build the terrain. The build is over 550,000 bricks.
The objective is to hold majority of the capture points for 1 minute, or reach 125 points first.

Special thanks to Zeblote for the new duplicator, and Zor for the fill can. I couldn't have done this without these two amazing tools.

This will be hosted sometime soon, during the winter time. Team colors are red and green for holiday festivities.

Here are some pictures:

Tell me what you all think about the build!

I look forward to hosting it soon! I have had some problems with crashes because of the high brickcount, so I may run into some difficulties. I plan on uploading a file of the build soon, so that you too can host Battle for Snowy Hills!

Merry Christmas!

Damn, the pictures didn't load. I'll work on getting those working as soon as possible.

God damn this looks amazing. My computer will probably fry trying to run this, but I'd play this any day

its always fun to jump over a thousand bricks and then die by a raycast weapon and have to walk another thousand bricks because the map is too loving big and loving bumpy and also raycast weapons

seriously. the map isnt bad. its definitely good. but raycasting weapons are a terrible choice, like the worst choice. it means they have absolutely no differentiation, the optimal choice will be the sniper and the silenced rifle/rifle which are obviously the two best choices, and if the silenced rifle is an option its basically the meta because it has no trails and is virtually untraceable because theres 360 degrees that you can be hit from. also they raycast, which means that there's almost no skill involved at all. you point at your target and they take damage instantly, giving them no chance to brown townyze or counter their immediate punishment.

if you're seriously going to host this it should be with projectile weapons. its a big open map, raycasts take the fun and strategy out of shooting
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I should clarify that most of the guns are from gravity cat's special weapons, which aren't instantaneous and have bullet drop, so you will need to predict where the target will be and aim at the right angle.
There are some of his actual raycasting weapons used, but they don't have good accuracy. if anything is too powerful with no skill, it's the mosin nagant. It has great accuracy and good range, but it has a slow fire rate and isn't that accurate for a bolt action rifle. It's basically a mix between a battle rifle and a dedicated sniper, and some may prefer actual snipers over it. I wouldn't worry too much about it. Besides, the pack has a fully automatic shotgun, and I've included it in the game. Raycasting may be the least of your worries.
I've also made sure to add plenty of cover and alternative routes.
I was planning on using different weapon packs for the game since the very start. I really like swollow's, blockombat, and some of bushido's packs.

I plan to start hosting today, January 2nd. I look forward to seeing any of you there!

Wow, the server was more successful than I thought it would be.

Waiting for the massive crowds of people to join the server. They'll come eventually... right?

I am sorry it didn't go well.  I checked for your server when I got online, but it was not up at that time.

It honestly went better than I expected. I thought only one or two people would show up, but I was surprised how many people joined to at least give it a look.

There was only one person that I actually met in combat. I got hit once by a raycast bullet, lived, and easily found cover. Ironically, he finished me off with a grenade. It would have made no difference if it were a projectile, he still could have easily killed me since I was standing still and paying attention to something else.

Overall it wasn't that bad for a first day. As soon as I saw that Heedicalking's RPG and Crown's jailbreak were up, I knew I wasn't going to be able to compete. I'll try hosting when there's much less competition.

generally smaller maps get more players cause theres a lot more activity. too big and youre forced to hit a critical mass before you can sustain continuous combat

gl with future hosts

That's true.  With this map, at 6 or 7 people, I had to limit the fighting area to inside of the buildings and underground.  And it still felt too big.