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I dont think you understand, Im not commenting on any substance in your explanations afterwards. Just looking at your original post, do you think that approach is helpful? Or any of the times youve done something similar before.

Dont even try to hit me with everyone was thinking it I was just the one that had the balls to say it.

No, it wasn't helpful

Rule numero 7
7. Do not flame - If the entire point of your post is to tell someone what an idiot they are, don't bother. 

a server isn't a person... I don't even know where anyone gets flaming from that but it's some serious straw grasping

perry, forget off you cunt nugget

Anyways here's the more in depth version of my first post in this thread. You're lucky this dude is way more mellow than me

This would be a lot better if we had some actual information about the server rather then just you announcing what you're doing and expecting people to just, show up. Like for example, is there a map made for this specifically made by you? If so can we see it? Specially since someone else recently made a thread of a second version of Half Life 2 Deathmatch it looks a lot more interesting then this thread in comparison. For all I know you could just be using Jirues old deathmatch map and that honestly wouldn't be anything interesting considering how long ago that was. That's just my thoughts on this though considering you've rapidly made threads with barely any context and I honestly doubt you're making stuff this fast. Not that I don't want you to be hosting what you want but if you're gonna advertise what you host, at least make it appealing and give more info about it, otherwise it just feels attention seeking. I also would recommend you finish your projects before announcing them, unless you need playtesting. Anyway, good luck.

the war has raged on for 4 loving pages already holy forget