Author Topic: nackfrageschock lag spamming  (Read 701 times)

dont know the blid, earlier he was trying to lagspam via explosion spam and i saw him doing some stuff w a music block before the server lagged to stuff

If you didn't know he is Germestar despite his avatar and his blid as well.

id pls
he was talking about being with germe or something but i didnt know he actually was

thought it was him after he started talking about germestar lol

what a friend, his spam ruined my server and I lost the entire saloon build.

Nachfrageschock is technically Germestar. He's reenacting everything that Germestar basically did on servers, and that was spamming events on servers.

Here's the article about Germestar:

He also claimed that he never spammed on servers and is asking people to give him "evidences" that he spammed on servers. I gave him one ( but disagreed and said that just because there were "spammed nukes" on the server (even if he literally spammed airplanes) doesn't mean that it was him. We were the only 3 on the server that day he spammed on it.

I don't really think that this substandard of an excuse would prove that he never spammed, but I DID took a photo of him literally saying out loud on a server that he wanted to spam:

this is definitely germestar lol

he joined the server again, left, joined under a different name, left, and i banned him

im listening to danger zone and this is so fitting for the song for some reason