Should pineapple on pizza be banned?


Author Topic: Petition to ban Lord Tony  (Read 1979 times)

Take this stuff in drama because this was not needed for this specific topic.
Or make a drama, stop derailing threads.

Come on, he isn't worth a drama.

ban masterlegodude for being a soyboy npc libtard cuck jew

Wow you just switched the loving poll.

Yes had 4 votes.

No had 9 votes.

I know this because my choice is in bold and I clearly voted for no. Now the polls were switched and my vote is still in bold.

See how my vote is in bold to show which option I voted for.

That was clearly a no choice before the switch.

I want you to switch back the polls.

My vote is where I put it.

So now it's quite obvious this poll is being rigged. I clearly voted for no and now my vote was changed to yes.

you switched the polls around ya wanker