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i'm loving pissed
 nintendo has nekopara on the eshop but not garfield kart
to be fair the 3ds version of garfield kart was pretty garbage, they didnt even make mud slow you down and the pc version of garfield kart has multiplayer currently in beta so it would be better waiting for that to release before porting it to the switch

btw forget nekopara

Bowser takes over Nintendo.

Does this mean we will have post apocalyptic Mario games?


I only have Tetris 99 and Breath of the Wild right now, but i'm looking to get Smash Ultimate and maybe Splatoon 2 when i can

Why dont you get Odyssey?

I might, but i'm also trying to focus on what multiplayer games i'd like to get

I've updated the username and friend code list. added my 3ds friend code in the wii u friend code section...

whos ready for vr at 720p

google cardboard 2

enjoy your 60hz and instant nausea

I can't believe Nintendo is bringing back the Virtual Boy

Imagine Wii Sports in VR

I can't believe Nintendo is bringing back the Virtual Boy
Does this mean we can call it the joy boy?

Nindies Direct happened today if yall weren't aware. Stuff that was covered in order w/ release date:

Cuphead - April 28
Overland - Fall
My Pedro Friend - June
Neo Cab - Summer
The Red Lantern - 2019
Darkwood - May
Katana Zero - April 18
RAD - Summer
Creature in the Well - Summer
Bloodroots - Summer
Pine - August
Super Crate Box - April
Nuclear Throne - Available Today
Ultra Bugs - 2019
Swim Sanity - Summer
Blaster Master Zero 2 - Available Today
Stranger Things 3: The Game - July 4
Cadence of Hyrule: Crypt of the Necrodancer - Spring

Overall a good indie direct imo. We got some long awaited titles like Cuphead and Nuclear Throne. The new games and other stuff shown all look pretty unique, of high tier quality, and seem to be like they're worth playing. We even got a collaboration with Nintendo to make a Crypt of the Necrodancer spin-off based entirely on Zelda? Damn

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