Author Topic: Schmucks - Blockland Server/Discord Group (Reboot)  (Read 5862 times)

► What is this group?
Schmucks is a group we made in August of 2017 ago to bring fellow blocklanders together for the greatest Brick4Brick project yet, BL:CS. To hang out and play some of the games we've created on my Server. Most of the time we're hosting for the group but that doesn't mean that's all we're about, we also:

Have a self-role system within the server so that if you wanna do more then just simply play our servers, you can look for help from others who have specific support roles for specific issues or obstacles you need help with.

We also support playing other games as well, we have a short list as seen in this screenshot but we can always update the list if someone requests a game commonly played.

► What do we host that the group should be known for?
Our most popular gamemode and what we host mostly is Mafia Madness 3.

If you would like you can view the Topic for the gamemode, here:

We also do Survival every once in a while when we get new surveys made to host new sessions.

New Years also hosts his server News Years 2019 for the group as well, similar to 2018, just a better New Years.

However I will not show any screenshots since he has his own Forum thread you can find.

But rather then go over every gamemode or server we do overall I'll share some screenshots from our servers, if you wanna find out more about what we host, that's for you to explore yourself by joining the Discord. You're free to ask us questions and if you need to get in contact with someone from our staff, here's the discords for all the retards. However by default, please contact either me or Eon if you really need anything.

► (Warning, Gautier isn't funny) Screenshots:


Click the image to watch.

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