Author Topic: checking in  (Read 719 times)

i haven't checked these forums in like a year and a half what did i miss

Off topic split into off topic and forum games and the whole forum became an adult I guess

Omg, well the forums literally died and got resurrected.

And I guess even before I came back I was kind of dead 😢

Welcome to zomblockyland

Don't worry, you didn't miss anything.

What's with the sudden resurgence of long lost folks? Did the retirement home run out of funding?

Heh... Well I Think you Missed a Pretty Big Warning Label :smirk: :dansgame: :4head:

year and a half huh?
aj styles beat cena at summerslam
shane mcmahon vs aj styles at wrestlemania 33 was good
roman reigns beat the undertaker at wrestlemania 33 to thunderous boos
roman reigns tried to murder braun strowman by shoving him into and ambulance then crashing it
roman reigns got cancer
brock is champion because wwe dont know how to run a product

but hulk hogan is back so thats epic

things have slowed down a lot