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Discuse the Tribes series!

Tribes 1 and 2 are free:

Starsiege: Tribes with Patch
Tribes 2

Note that Tribes 2 has no master server, but does have bots.

Tribes 3 (Vengeance) had no jump button. Kinda ruined the Multiplayer part of the game.

No jump button... MY GOD I'm so glad I didn't buy that.. I would of gone crazy, I'm always tapping jump for no reason.

Playing torque games online feels so much different from other games because you see/feel the lag when you shoot, example if you where playing on a 300 ping server you'd shoot but it wouldn't fire for about 1.5 seconds.

That was the only problem with Tribes, the lag.

Yeah, Tribes 3 had no jump button. They made it so that space was ski and mouse2 was jump/jet. Apparently, a short burst from your jets is a jump.

Oh the humanity, no jump button!

And yet, we were able to play Doom.

Doom had mods plus there was no need for jumping. Doom 3 had jumping ;3

Holy crap. Tribes 2 free?!

Yes. Now I can play play Construction again :D

Tribes 1 and 2 were free since Vengeance came out.

But you need a cd key, which they ran out of.

Unless you get the alternate master server patch, which requires an older version of Tribes 2 to work. The current is 25034, the one you need is 221-something.

I believe I have a CD Key somewhere, how do I use this with this version of tribes?

The alternate master server requires no CD Key, but you have to find an older installer. I think TribalWar took the mirrors down after they went non-tribes.

I still have my original CD.