Author Topic: Oldest game moment you remember/most nostalgic?  (Read 4133 times)

i know what roblox game ur talking about, wasn't the winner's area at the bottom of the cliff with like a town or whatever?
Yeah, I think it did have one if I recall correctly.

R2D on ROBLOX, it was the game that introduced me to one of my favorite game series aswell (Left 4 Dead)

Playing halo for the first time. My mom didn't like the whole violent killing thing, but it was okay because they were screaming aliens and the blood was blue. I didn't know much about games, but stepping out of that escape pod for the first time on halo shocked me. Like "Oh wow, it's an actual world within a disk". I still love the story, but nothing will hype me up like the beach landing. That was probably the peak for me.

Unfortunately it's been all downhill from there. Some games like blockland and roblox have had a significant impact on me, there are a number of games that i remember distinctly because they were fun or creative.
Roblox: Soul wars, Downhill Derby, Ride a cart into a Zombie, Reason 2 Die, XXX_FEARS's weird ass bases.

Blockland: Jaguars dogfight. Gravity cat's old buggy ass weapons, hell most of Gravity Cat's stuff was cool, Government Vs. Rebels on the GTA map especially. My first time experiencing Heedicalking's canyon war.

And the best moment: Badspot telling a kid that if he literally killed himself in times square, no one would bother to bat an eye. Years of rage mustered into a single suggestive comment that completely shattered that kid's future. I was laughing for a good 10 minutes. Repeatedly reading the comment. What a night that was.

playing scoutsknives on various low-grav maps. my favorite was always sk_legoland.

playing blockland for the first time

i was probably like 6, thought it was a painting game when i spawned with the paint can

haha i remember when i was real young i used to play gran turismo 2 in my parents' bedroom on one of those rocking gaming floor chairs and my dad would rock it while i was playing like i was in an actual car. it was pretty fun

Up until very recently we had a copy of Unreal Tournament 99 on our network. It was released 7 months after I was born so. Around 2003 was when I had my first "computer" and it was no more than some junk parts my dad threw into a case but even at the ripe age of 4-5 I already played unreal tournament with my family but I sucked at it because I was like 5 years old. I played my family again around 2016 and my dad kept saying I was cheating because the alt-fire on the minigun makes it shoot faster.

racing on toontown and discovering roblox and blockland

Other than club penguin as it was mediocre to me (probably because I got chat banned)
In chronological order:
-LEGO island
-some game where you fight as worms idk
-pretty much any sega genesis game
-LEGO universe

halo 2-reach and blockland.
i remember my cousin showing me blockland when i was 5.
what a time that was.

wew i got some
-me and my brother once playing all the tracks on mkwii late at night one summer and it ended with me in first and him just barely getting 2nd
-playing pac mania on the gba and only getting up to the 2nd stage before i got to school
-beating the lightning cup on 150cc mirror with only a tiny bit of battery life left on mkds
-getting the family together to play wii sports resort
-getting minecraft some time around 1.2.5
-me and dad playing the demo for l4d2 and helping my dad out through the demo
-pulling an all nighter playing tf2 and havung that be that rare moment where i spoke online
-forcing my brkther to plah forza 3 with me and he beat me that bastard i head on'd him on the next race forget him he ruined my first race you mfer i love ya bro
-i guess playing games with the doods on the blockland teamspeak would totally count since it made me feel more social                  even though i never talked in the voice chat haha