Author Topic: Trinko - Admin at Blockland Boss Battles banning me for the stufftiest things  (Read 1311 times)

hurr durr trinkon i dont care if u ban me i got thing to do in real life

posting in a thread you made about being banned from his server

you, sir are loving retarded
also nice use of a ~1 month old acc lmao
dramaing someone to say you dont care they banned you
loving amazing my man

wait are you really not joking about this yesterday I thought you were just fuking around
surely you can understand that admins (especially bl admins) are tightasses

he's so bad, they call him boss, he's a boss, boss brother

i said why you ban diedrichthegamer trinko said  he because seeks trouble

this op snatched me back to BLF 2010

guys trinko banned me for saying HEAHFIEOAFJAHEFIOJIEOJSOJIOASJFIASJOJAIOSJIFS guys this is not spam guys help he is bad admin

trinko is cool dude
when i read your drama you sound retarded
not surprising your banned lol