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are these from blockland or just comics

Just comics, mostly based on interactions I had with people/

I am fully aware of the image and it didn't intended to be a swastika itself. I've realized it after I finished the comic.

I am not being.

You will in a few minutes but not in the moment you least expect it.

+someone here might be featured in the comic, MIGHT I don't know who.
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me!!!!!!!!!!! me!!!!!!!!!!!!

After looking for some users to be featured (Which was hard), Issue 5 is here!

    Users other than the one scene in previous comics are
    • Soviet Narwhal (Yellow)
    • Gui2203 (Gray on the left)
    • JakerstheEaglesaur (teal, box)
    • Badspot (Gray holding sign)
    • Ducko (Light Blue same panel with Badspot)

me!!!!!!!!!!! me!!!!!!!!!!!!

You were a little late sorry, don't worry you'll appear in another comic the day after tomorrow.

null, I accidentally clicked "quote" instead of "modifying" the OP, I'm sorry.
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i like the shadows on the explosion part

Still alive, I've been busy doing other things which isn't mostly procrastination all this time!