Are you purchasing Metro Exodus on Epic Games or Steam? Or at all?

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Epic Games
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Not purchasing
13 (61.9%)

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Author Topic: Metro Exodus now Epic Games exclusive (UPDATE FROM 4A)  (Read 711 times)

What the forget is up with all my favorite post-apocalyptic games going to stuff.

What the forget is up with all my favorite post-apocalyptic games going to stuff.

Honestly forget Deep Silver so much.

All right, for real though guys, don't judge the developers too hard right now. Despite what ONE of them says, that doesn't mean they're all in the same boat. Right now they're also being mislead, they know that the community is pissed because of the exclusivity, but they don't understand why. They think its just because we don't want to install another launcher, but that's not the only reason. They're also reacting poorly because of the mass piracy references on reddit threads, steam discussions, and other private forums. Lots of Metro fans and even newcomers are talking about pirating the game now because of the whole ordeal. So please keep in mind what both sides are seeing this as. 4A is a Ukrainian developer, they don't have a lot of exposure to Western media.

thats true, and either way this whole shebangle was started by the publishers so ppl should not get distracted

i say epic games wins in the end cause gaming is becoming mainstream and rage from online players wont severely outweigh the long term benefit of having more games on the new distributing platform. epic games wont financially go kaput from this drama, but deep silver/4a may depending on how hard it hits sales

regardless of platform I'm still gonna play the game cause I've been hyped ever since it was announced. however the threat from that dev was absurd, he had his brain leaking out his ears apparently.

I also think the problems goes way back with Bethesda and Blizzard anti-consumer behaviors
It seems now that these companies have openly gone against consumer ideals and I feel like people just want to be treated like a genuine loyal fan instead of a moneymaker for companies

So this decision is just making the fire hotter, and while I can see the point of removing Metro from steam, the decisions benefits more the company than the fanbase

Ive also heard that people dont want to use the epic games store because of how insecure it can be, now these are rumors, and a fast research gives me mixed opinions, what do you think?