did you?

No, also I'm furry UwU
4 (13.8%)
18 (62.1%)
5 (17.2%)
2 (6.9%)
Yes, also I like lolicon
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Author Topic: did you stop using discord due to the unforeseen circumstances involving furmods  (Read 1197 times)

did you stop using discord after learning that the furries are gay for cub research in discord

nothing to do with me being a furry. why would I stop using a great and useful program where I can find many of the people I care about just because some of the people moderating it are a bunch of freaks

Personally me yes, because it was overall a cheesy app imo

Nope, Discord too handy for literally everything

No reason to leave if all my friends are using this clusterforget of a platform. This drama is going to be forgotten in 1 year anyways

wish i could but it be too good and all my friends on it so

letting furry drama affect your day to day life is how you lose so no

90% of this forum are furries or furry supporters.

that furry mod is gone

[img  width=500]https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/460289944833753091/545103649400160286/Screenshot_20190212-234148_Twitter.jpg[/img]

yes that's his official reddit account, found it on a support post in the discordapp subreddit
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