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I recently joined this newer block-game called Brick Hill; the visuals highly resemble the older ROBLOX engine. I also noticed that there are some similarities to Blockland. First of all, when I joined a game I saw that the chat relays "User has connected." and "User has left the game" in the same color as the Blockland chat. Names are printed in yellow and the messages are white.
While looking at the scripting, I noticed there is a lot of functions that are similar or exact to Blockland events (i.e. onPlayerTouch, onPlayerSpawn, findBrickbyName).
I honestly like the BH so far, albeit the game's efficiency and quality at the moment is pretty stuff (with muh computer not running over like 8fps). what do y'all think of this?
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this isnt even the first time youve done this moron

A few gems from the site's storefront (please do not give this website money, obviously):

This one really stood out to me, for no reason in particular: