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Mine: Subway, 6 inch Italian herb and cheese bread, ham and American cheese, toasted, and legit 1 inch thick layer of mayo, they pour it for like 10 seconds

Also from Taco Bell I always get the beefy frito burrito with no nacho cheese, add shredded cheese, and pour on enough creamy jalapeno sauce to where rolling it is impossible without making a mess, and burn it on the griller, the stuff is delicious as forget

not orders but one time when I was drunk I ate a lettuce and peanut butter sandwich and another time I was just eating raw oatmeal oats with a glass of water

I have a history of adding random stuff to peanut butter sandwiches. Most notably I added salami and honey to standard plain peanut butter sammy.
The honey was great, but the salami did not mix too well.
Ive also tried peanut butter and pickles. Wasn't so bad.

In most cases, random food combos dont gross me out. As long as I like the active ingredients eating them together just saves time.

apparently dipping your peanut butter & jelly sandwich into milk is a cardinal sin
but... i like soggy bread

does cookies dipping with peanut butter count

1 part earl gray tea, 4 parts sprite. the tea should be steeped extremely strong. Keep the tea bag in the cup when you pour in the sprite.

Number 15: Burger King Foot Letuce

i dip fish sticks in ketchup if that counts?
also chocolate with any form of salt is pretty good

im literally from europe i will win this thread

does cookies dipping with peanut butter count
Never thought of this but it sounds good

i’ve become recently addicted to papa johns pizza with bbq sauce instead of red, banana peppers, pineapple, and bacon. it sounds absolutely disgusting but the stuffs like crack to me

i dip fish sticks in ketchup if that counts?
this is the most normal thing on the thread SMH

im literally from europe i will win this thread
examples pls

examples pls
like 99% of it is related to what we (NL) put on bread. all kinds of sugar and stuffe but also we blend anything to a paste and put it on bread

fish, herring specifically, along with how to eat it
more candy (licorice, kind of, but we call it 'drop' ;-)
we also have weird common snackbar stuff like the frikandel and kroket. but these are just fried stuff so americans would love it just as much.
also mayo is bigger than ketchup here

edit: just wanted to put in that i enjoy all of the above foods in my post. sorry i cant give any weird 'orders', i never order anything weird because i dont like being judged by the cashier :D
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