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oh man remember when steam had standards? me neither. also on an unrelated note why are all the girls white? i mean can't there at least be a little diversity, i cant just eat the same thing every day

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>headless naked woman being forgeted in the preview photos
There is not one sliver of decency in this page. Steam is forgeted lol

humanity has come so far, discovered so many new things, and then-
rape day

BITCH you pinned up against a dennys bathroom wall by Agent 47 with his 007 inch rooster and you thinkin about yo meemaw?

i knew starbreeze was desperate but this payday spinoff is forgeted

this will most likely get into the news

the kicker is that theres probably som le doods on steam thatd defend this game too

oh my god i didnt even notice i said le doods that was not on purpose guys wtf

is that loving hitman