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so i tried to make a game in one hour and it was going great until 20 minutes in and i broke something and the physics engine no longer worked. so then it turned into a 3 day project and this was the prototype that i finished. i wanted to make like something new but obviously i was inspired by tiny wings. i dont think i could make something as unique and easy to grasp (and fun) as tiny wings but i tried and got pretty close.

thanks to conan for helping me sort out a math issue and letting me bother him while he was at school like 8 times just to solve some simple math that im too stupid to do

what works:
movement, terrain generation, clicking on stuff, killing, physics (barely)
what doesn't work
the camera which likes to ease underneath the terrain for no reason
the game itself which decides to throw errors for no reason
what i want to add: (if i deem it worth pursuing)
better graphics once i decide if the game's fun or not (nobody has ever played it)
actual dragging (you used to be able to drag the ground out but it would have a hard time deciding which piece of ground to drag)
a better camera

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please play this game and tell me how you feel about it with all honesty so i know whether or not i should make this into a real game and release it on the android play store. post your high scores too if you manage to get really far in

yea so i was using the wrong update function so all the enemies and killwalls were ticking twice as fast

well I found a bug I died and couldn't move my sprite and went through 10 planes of reality

what prompted the action? did you die and then immediately spawn there? did your character get stuck between two walls? have you replicated the bug?

sorry I forgot to respond, I died when I was moving so I guess that's why, I managed to replicate it once by moving the opposite way into the wall and dying but I'm not sure if that's the exact way. I died and then respawned there and couldn't do anything except move my camera and make the ground go up.

that's weird, I'll try to fix that. Thank you for your input