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made this cus i'm starting to get back into the game again and missed my other thread's "too old" point by a few days rip lol

ya i know apex legends is the best new thing and that game's pretty sick, but fortnite is still going strong and is even taking a few notes from apex. hooray competition is healthy and games can co-exist! anyone else here still bother playing this?
i might even consider getting the battle pass for this new season but i might wait to see if i actually do stick around with this game

oh and here's the old OP i guess

Fortnite Battle Royale by Epic Games is a 100-player PvP battle royale game set in the Fortnite universe, where the last man or team standing wins. Who woulda thought!?

The main things that set this game apart from other battle royale games are its building/destruction mechanics and unique items. This naturally opens up more tactics and strategies to victory. There's also less of a focus on looting and more of a focus on the action.

You may play solo with every player for themselves, duo with everyone paired up, or squad with up to 3 other friends or randos. In addition to these, occasionally there will be week-long limited-time events with special rules like 5 teams of 20 players each or faster storms for more frantic action!

This game is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and iOS for free, with cross-platform support with friends. There are micro-transactions, but only for cosmetic items.
Why not give it a shot if you haven't already?
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the fortnite hype is not as much as it used to be

yea u got that right but i personally was never rly in it for the hype anyways, heck i started playing the game before it blew up to astronomical proportions

I just realised I still have it installed on my pc ill give it a run

as long as i get enough vbucks from the battlepass to get the next season pass i keep playing

since i hate pvp im still waiting on save the world going ftp