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Author Topic: The end of BurnoutGT24's stuffty autistic megathreads  (Read 462 times)

The end of BurnoutGT24's stuffty autistic megathreads: You can (not) throw a tantrum, crash into Crash Canyon, or do whatever happened in Fire Emblem Awakening's plot.

Yes that's right my megathreads of autism and retardation are coming to an end. Due to recent complaints about my megathreads no longer being funny and now just "annoying" and since I like you guys I am going to stop making megathreads (or at least the stupid autistic ones. If I ever make another one it will probably be something normal like Motorstorm) which means no more Crash Canyon megathread, What happened to _____: The Fall series, an of course the Kid Temper Tantrum megathreads. It truly is an end of an era for Kid Temper Tantrum. They're moving and selling their house, them selling their 2003 Hyundai Elantra, and now I will stop making stupid megathreads. So here is a list of what's effected by this huge change.

Kid Temper Tantrum Megathreads: Cancelled, was planning to make a sequel IV and then a singleplayer DLC called Leland out of Hell and a spin off called Kid Temper Tantrum Megathread: Tantrums of mayhem but all of them are cancelled

Crash Canyon Megathread: Cancelled

What happened to ____: The fall series: Cancelled. I had no more ideas anyways.

Sleeping Lelands: Still in development, will appear on the Violette1st fanon wiki.

Violette1st Megathread: Had this idea in my head for a while but is now cancelled.

Kid Temper Tantrum episode ideas thread: Abandoned but you can still post suggestions if the thread is still up.

Some rant about me getting pissed off over that one scene in Girls Und Panzer where they crush a Ferrari F40: Had this idea in my head but is now cancelled

Some others I forgot about: All cancelled.

Because I like you guys I had decided to cancel all of these. But I still want to make some threads that will be conciedered "Autistic". I want to expose the truth about the kid from the Peachy Breeze commercials in Diary of a Wimpy Kid. But since I want to please you are prevent spread of the disease known as "Autism". Kid Temper Tantrum is dead on this site. Thanks for your time being with my threads tho. (How do these guys even be with me. No one wants to be around me) 

The end

ball monokuma

ball monokuma

trump monokuma

trump monokuma

ball monokuma

ball monokuma
danganronpa is for creeps

danganronpa is for creeps

look at what u chimps did

But if you want more of my Autism check out my fan fics on the Violette1st fanon wiki. Which include the fan made episode where Bill destroys William's 240SX and also coming soon is the episode where William gets upset over his parents getting him a 90s Toyota Camry instead of the Mazda RX-7 he wants and the episode where William gets a new girlfriend who's name is Iffy but she then gets murdered with a pickaxe by Bill and then gets thrown into a dumpster and then burnt. And of course the Sleeping Lelands project.

Williams girlfriend in an upcoming episode                                                                 The RX-7 William wants in a future episode

Check out this cool wallpaper for Sleeping Lelands
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NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PEACHY BREAZE!! ICE CREAM MEGATTHREAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

queen of the blf furries here 😉
[Speech 85] can you tell me what it's like though

NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PEACHY BREAZE!! ICE CREAM MEGATTHREAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's not a Peachy Breeze megathread. Its just me telling the truth about that kid from the commercials