Author Topic: Star Wars Battle Droid Playertype  (Read 222 times)

I believe I have asked this before, but I wanted to ask again since there is no "good" player type of the Battle Droid.

I want this droid to be modeled in the "Blocky" style in Blockland. I don't want his health or speed to be any different from a normal Blockhead, nor do I want any extra abilities. I want him to be just a normal Blockhead with a droid's body. I'm asking this because people have constantly asked me for Clone Wars maps, but I do not have any droids to use. There is a Battle Droid player type available already, but that droid has this awkward swaying that hinders the gameplay. If anyone can do this, that would be wonderful.

B2 Super Battle Droid and Droidekas pls also

I've always wanted somebody to make a model like that in the blocky style. A super battle droid would also be nice.

been modeled by cowboy dude, but he didnt know how to turn it into a playertype at the time i believe. or didnt have the time.

Yeah at the time I made a quick rig just to show off this animation. I gave a new rig since but never got around to animating it. I haven't done stuff since because college's taking up all my time.