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note: this will more than likely make people take ages to join your server.

if you're joining my/someone else's server with the slopes map, just watch some youtube while you wait, you impatient bastard.

yay the slope
it has almost 4 thousand datablocks ok.

Here's a version that's looped over the Y? axis once. Requires decent PC, super long load time.

make sure you set lag to 'off' in your settings
requires the Static Maps mod >

it's been decimated and dissolved so it's far lower poly than the OG slopes. also, it's just a square chunk of it, it doesn't loop forever lol
update 1: made it taller (it was 1/2 height)
update 2: fixed textures, changed collision (i might change it again)
update 3: perfected-ish the collision! :)
update 4: arguably nicer textures. higher res anyway.
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Can't wait to freeze my nipples off in this place.

Can't wait to freeze my nipples off in this place.
more like freeze your computer

i updated it cause the version that was up yesterday was a piece of stuff. now it's way more accurate and a bit nicer looking.

i updated it again! i fixed most of the polygon edges where you get stuck when walking, and any non-convex collision objects.

n64 slopes
this forum needs a like button. i like this post.

Quick! Somebody load up some old slope saves!