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more like clingy

can you add a spear as an alternative to the pitchfork

im planning on making some medieval weapon skins if i get unlazy and spear would definitely be one of the weapons

not under normal circumstances
only with one extremely specific easter egg that you have to go out of your way to activate
i know as to which easter egg you're talking about but i'm gonna let everyone else sit this one out

How do I execute prefs? never done it

How do I execute prefs? never done it
step 1: open up the console
if you are hosting on the same client you are playing on press the grave accent/tilde key (`/~) which on a standard US keyboard is to the left of the 1
step 2: copy and paste one of the prefs into the console entry, then add an equals sign after it followed by true/false and then a semi colon, this is shown below, you can also substitute 1 or 0 for true and false respectively

step 3: slam that enter key

once you set a variable like this it will immediately take effect, and as long as you close blockland by pressing the quit button they should persist for next time
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why arent the preferences in prefs.cs?

When will C4 stick to walls?

Thank you, very heplful to kill enemies with. >:)

why arent the preferences in prefs.cs?
probably didn't export it
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