Author Topic: things you find painful  (Read 3705 times)

-nearly snapping your femur on a couch because your sister is on our back when you fall on the couch
your sister is the femur breaker

scratching paper with your fingernail, not painful physically but painful for the brain

theres many kinds of jokes on popsicle sticks, but all of them are of a sufficiently low quality to give me physical pain

Breaking all of your bones and then getting injected with lots of hot sauce

Downloading a FLAC album at 80kb/s.

-stepping on your ankle

I'm curious, how does this even happen?

I'm curious, how does this even happen?
you need to start thinking with portals

or its your leg that steps on your other legs' ankle

discord servers with a specifically designated stuffposting channel. if the conversation shifts to stuffposting in general then thereís obviously nothing of value thatís being talked about anyways

masturbating the second/third time in a row

the high pitched scratch sound of fork on a ceramic plate