Author Topic: E3 2019 Megathread: Nintendo at 9AM PT  (Read 4721 times)

tier list (will be updating) we done now
S+ -
S -
A - Microsoft, Nintendo
B - Limited Run, Kinda Funny Showcase, Square Enix
C - Devolver, PC Gaming Show, Ubisoft
D - Bethesda
E - UploadVR
F -
I don't care/haven't watched - EA
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it makes me happy to see so many ppl asking for rayman 4 in twitch chat

So far this year's E3 has been 95% shooting games after shooting games, big part of it set in a post apocalyptic setting, it felt like they were announcing the same game over and over.
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EDIT: also avengers pretty nice wow
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No Deus Ex info

E3 is going to make me kill myself

So, this is about where I get off the E3 train. It's very unlikely I'm going to push myself to get up at 2AM again tomorrow for a show that'll likely I have nothing I'm interested in.

I've set the CyTube up, so head through there when it's time. Good luck everybody.

Thanks again for all the hosting, McJob

WHAT THE forget its BANJO

Alright, Nintendo wins E3