Author Topic: E3 2019 Megathread: Nintendo at 9AM PT  (Read 3656 times)

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Two months early, but thanks

That star wars game and Halo Reach PC announcement are the only two things I give a forget about. I guess thats a step up from last year where nothing was interesting.

Made a bingo card for EA. I'll take suggestions since it's a couple months away and make it look nicer when we get close.

whats the point of bingo if every square is free -_______-

the saddest stuff about the state of console gaming is that sports games are the only real 4 player splitscreen games that come out anymore. Sure there are is some indiestuff once in a while but it's not the same man.

whats the point of bingo if every square is free -_______-
You have a point there. I'm gonna make it harder to mark stuff.

perhaps they need more time for some things... Special

I'll need to update the timetable; Microsoft have recently announced that they're moving their conference to June 9th.
Also, EA is doing their own thing on June 8th

As it has done for the last several years, Electronic Arts will not technically be attending E3 2019, but hosting its own EA Play event beginning on June 8-9. There will not be a traditional press conference this year, but we do know EA plans to show off some new content for previously released or announced games such as Apex Legends, Anthem, Battlefield V, and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

Its also possible well get an announcement about a new Plants vs. Zombies game (probably Garden Warfare 3) and Need for Speed game based on a financial report from EA. Those watching from home can tune in to the multiple streams EA has planned for June 8.

I cannot wait for counter strike 4 to be announced at E3. This is going to be an epic win.