Author Topic: Fight The Tin man RP  (Read 10748 times)

muhgm...muhu HU uh.... im eating Black Ops 2.... tastes like poopy

123 for wife/husband/daughter/granddaughter/grandson/grandfather/grandmother/aunt/uncle/nephew/cousin/niece//godfather

what i wanted a pet dragon

/event armed robber takes hostages in black people church

quick sucks, $1 per minute if ur interested

meanwhile Shane Dawson is loving his cat

Where is the lemon living quartars?

*pours cup of water* todays a good day on the space ship right guys

*gags on door stopper* get out

*floods living quarters with plasma gas

*consumes Schips* wtf potoath

potatoh come to the principal’s office. i need a word with you little man

*comes out of spaceship kitchen* why is muh loving bacon floating

*empties oxygen tanks*

guys why is there that annoying alarm