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/event a portal opens as a result of supermalleo64 trying to open a portal to hell. instead, the entire ship and it's crew are sucked into a wormhole and wake up in wakanda post-infinity war.

*launches antman up thanos' starfish and antman growns in his starfish making thanos explode*

Thanos got snapped in half by Demon Eye.

Pee lemon juice on thano!! LOL!!

Pee lemon juice on thano!! LOL!!
pee in my mouth too while u at it

pee in my mouth too while u at it
i want some piss in my ass

thanos dies of terminal butt hole. wakanda loving explodes so you must build a new civilization

we built this city

we built this city on rooster and balls

*builds strip club out of pink 1x1s*

*Builds lemon shop!*

*gets chicago to perform old days so i can talk about rooster and ball torture with trogtor*

(no homo btw)

*Creates a shop that sells $200 computers for $2000 yet everyone loves it*

* Cheesepizza2 builds a love dungeon

*Builds another lemon shop!*

*demolishes both lemon shops*