Author Topic: Any way to hide a helmet in first person view?  (Read 397 times)

Managed to finish an armor pack with someone and it all works, but parts of the helmets are visible when mounted and in first person view. Is there any way to make helmets invisible in first person to the user so their vision isn't blocked?

Change the eyeOffset in the image datablock. The offset is how the player sees the item in first person.

Also if eyeOffset/offset is not "0 0 0" it will lock to the position even in animations (ex: printer vs gun). If you wanted to go extreme I think you can edit the model to avoid first person too, that's beyond what I know for modeling though.

yeah to do it without using eye offset requires first person stuff made during export, and a lot more hassle and work than just setting eyeoffset properly

Different LOD's
You can currently do this via LOD levels, the rampage mode hands do this. When in first person you see beige hands, from third person you see your normal ones.