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           Captain Blue’s games
 Hello,I have took my time to write about some of the games that I own.Now you probably have only heard a few of these so listen up!
          Airburst EXTREME
 In this game you’re a player in the sport of airburst.In this game your player is 15,000 feet in the air on some balloons.You have a “puck” which can deflect a ball which has spikes that pops your balloons.If you hit the ball a certain number of times you get to use an “extreme” which is a special ability that varies with the character you use (eg:the power Maya has is that she reverses everybody  controls).
You can choose many game types to play, but to unlock them you must play the story mode.The story is this: mysterious events are occuring in the galaxy, and the Mars Corporation has something to do with them. You must battle your way to the final round in which you battle the boss,a huge robot.Along the way you can play as one of the 4 main characters which are Moon,BCM,Flux,and Maya.You can also unlock other side characters which you can play as when you just  play a normal round.There are many “special” game types you can play in such as Grenade where if the ball hits you you have 10 seconds for it to hit someone else or else you die.There are also power-ups which could hurt or help you.One of the power-ups creates cluster mind and another one makes balls swerve away from you.I haven’t mentions all of the characters,power-ups,or even gameplay yet but once you play the game I think you will agree it is pretty fun
                    Pocket Tanks Deluxe
 Allow me to describe this game “Classic tanks x1000”.Since lets face it:Classic tanks don’t have nuke or UFO or Tornado attacks in fact all that they have is some missles and a pellet thingy. Pocket tanks is played the same way normal tanks is played,you adjust your angle and power.To fire you simply click the fire button after you choose your weapon.When a game starts you get brought to the weapon store which randomly selects weapons to choose form.You and the person (or bot) you’re playing with each takes turns choosing weapons from the shop.You can get more weapons at their web site which sells you a mini pack for free or a big pack for $7.99.In the end pocket tanks provides hours of addictive fun,try out the demo today!
                        Lux Deluxe
 Computer risk pretty much.The demo allows you to play 20 games before you have to DL it again.You start out with classic,WW2 Europe,and other maps.You can get more using the add-on manager (just like the one coming out V9!) to get more maps,bots,and map generators.The bots you start out with are hard but you can get harder ones like reaper which are a real challenge!It allows you to make your own maps very easily.There’s a ranking system so you can brag about your rank  while you own someone in multi-player.Single player lets you play alone with bots or with other people like your brother. I still play this game a lot and trust me it is insanely fun.
                    Jedi knight:Jedi Outcast
 You start out in this game as Kyle Katarn.To complete the first few missions is a real challenge since you start out with a tiny blaster pistol and an assault laser rifle which everybody else has.As you work your way up the missions you get better weapons.In your first mission your friend (who is a girl) gets kidnapped by some sith.You redeem yourself as a jedi to pursue her capturers.In each mission you get new force powers or better old ones.The best part is that you get dark powers to like force lightning.The final mission concludes at the jedi temple where you must battle a sith lord.The missions take you various places like Cloud City. Before you ask,yes, multi-player is supported and you an play FFA,Team FFA (kill the other team for points),Duel,Power duel,and of course,CTF.This game is awesome however you might wanna think about Jedi Knight:Jedi Academy.
                   Jedi Knight:Jedi Academy
 You play as Jaden,a jedi apprentice at the Jedi Academy.SPOILER ALERT: Your master Kyle Katarn has 2 padiwans you and Rosh.After you choose what your character looks like and customize your lightsaber the shuttle you’re in crash lands right on Yavin IV.This is the first level which acts as a tutorial for the basics.When you get to the academy you get paired up with Rosh.After you complete a little jedi challenge to teach you about the force and more advanced controls you’re ready for your first set of missions.You have to complete all of these missions but one (you can do all if you’d like) to get to a “big” level.Before you start a level you get to upgrade your force abilities and choose your weapons.There are 3 sets  of levels and 4 “big” ones.On the third “big” level you get to decide to be good or bad.The choice is simple,kill Rosh and be bad,don’t kill him and be good.I found both endings very satisfying and the multi-player even more.The multi-player for Jedi Academy has the same modes as Jedi Outcast but with siege.In siege one tesm the attackers must complete a set of objectives like kill the droid while the defenders try to stop them unil the clock is up.In this one you get to choose a class to play as unlike the other types.NOTE:it is funny when you shoot someone with a full charge on a sniper rifle and they disintegrate.Try the demo.
                          EV Nova
 You start out in this as a lowly trader in a puny shuttle.But after a while of hard work and luck you can get a part in a string or sotryline.Th “feds” have pretty much became a dicatorship.They enslaved the vellos who are a race of highly telepathetic people.depending on what side you play decides what happens.You can olay as the powerful but weak polaris or as the evil feds or the peacful vellos and lots of other sides.I still play this game even though I got it bout 6 years ago.
                         The Genforge series         
There are about 4 games out in this series.The plot is that the shapers who have the ability to create and destroy life have gotten a bit too bossy.They start attacking or killing any who oppose them.The serviles who have been loyal to the shapers for yeaers seeing as the shapers created them suddenly started rebeling.The draykons have gotten extremely smart and dangerous.They’re the ones who are leading the rebelion.In the first 3 games you play as shaper but in the fourth game you play as a rebel.Sadly though,like EV Nova there is no online multiplayer support.I have every game in this series and it is still rocking with good gameplay and good endings.
 To conclude this we’ll have the game in which you kill the most people.2 words describe this game Nuclear Doomsday.You see the game as if it’s on a computer.The object of the game is to completely destroy the enemies countries using nukes while making sure your country doesn’t get destroyed..So now when you’re in a chatroom and a guy says “Jeez I must have killed 10,000 people in TF2.” You can say “Well I kill at least 10,000,000 people in Defcon!”This game is greeat for fun and bragging rights,try it out today!
 Some of these games you might have heard of or even own while others you might not have even know existed!I found all of these games EXTREMELY fun to play and chea-I mean win on.Oh and all of you mac users out there,these games can work for macs or windows!       
Please forgive any grammar errors or typos I made.

Jedi Academy and Jedi Outcast are great. I was just playing them last night.

I agree,both are AWESOME!!!!!!!111111!!!!11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111!!!!!

So now when you’re in a chatroom and a guy says “Jeez I must have killed 10,000 people in TF2.” You can say “Well I kill at least 10,000,000 people in Defcon!"

But TF2 takes so much more skill.

But if the person had know idea about defcon and thought it was a first person shooter...

Jedi Academy and Jedi Outcast are great. I was just playing them last night.

Omg, I love those games.

"Stand and face me Katarn!"

I never beat either of them, though.