Author Topic: Orbiter. The free space sim.  (Read 2283 times)

Some of you might know about it already, but just to spread the word, i am going to post a topic about it.
Its a very realistic game, that pays attention to alot of detail in spacecraft
You can download addons for it as well, or make your own, one addon lets you check the Internet in-flight! you can mod it for yourself too!
so maybe we might see the first blockhead in space after all..(Yes that does mean i am working on a blockland decal for the ships)

I played it awhile back. I'm not gonna say "fun" but it was interesting.

The visuals offer a lot and its a good way to learn about orbital physics.

I want to make a ship of my own (I can model) but don't know how. Any tutorials for me?

MS Space Simulator is better, imo.

MS Space Simulator is better, imo.

Never heard of it. Ima go google it now.

Oh no. I played this game a long time ago. I could never get into a stable orbit.

Although...there was this one time my ship started to burn in the atmosphere...on take off  :cookieMonster:


Brings back memories of trying to fly the Shuttle in-game... (Which lead to horrific outcomes)

I've long got rid of it...

MS Space Simulator is better, imo.
Eh, i Dl'd it . and i did not like it as much as orbiter.