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Just finished my freshman year of college for software engineering. I've been playing Blockland since..I'd say... 2008?
I'm developing a 3D physics sandbox game. If anyone wants to play it or join the discord, go right ahead.
We're building our small community day by day, hoping that people like you can help us achieve more. Thanks.

Download at

New-new Trailer - v0.3 Trailer

To be a Community Alpha Tester :

Blix Alpha V0.30
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looks neat and fun to muck about with - very blockland esque. its quite barebones though and you might want to figure out a core game loop you want to specifically develop further.

This is it fellas. Brickadia is officially cancelled. Blix is now the dominant sandbox game

Sooooo like... mod support?

this looks rad as hell good work

better start spinnin the chamber brickadia,,,,,

Blix is now the dominant sandbox game

Haha, we appreciate the kind words. We hope you will/have joined our discord for future progress.

Sooooo like... mod support?

We plan on implementing modifications that you can make to the game- within the game.

so its possible to fly 200000000 feet in the air from getting hit by a block to the face?

so its possible to fly 200000000 feet in the air from getting hit by a block to the face?

In this version, most likely...

In the future, we'll nerf the physics a bit to become more stable. For now, we need some dramatic kapows for network-sync testing. (:

this looks really cool!

i love the ragdoll effects

i love the ragdoll effects

Thank you. We're working on making it sync smoother over the network.

While this game is good to see being made, I had an issue with the camera being jittery as my camily has a history with epilepsy. The developer promptly adressed my complaints by mentioning that this an alpha (2 weeks old, playermodel made from a rigidbody 2d with the camera as a child of it - very easy issue to fix) and getting offended that I did not like the camera. I asked for him to ping me later on when he had adressed the issues in the game and was promptly banned.

Stay away from this game until he gets a blog or something.