Author Topic: Detroit Become Human Todd theory  (Read 496 times)

My theory for Detroit Become Human is that Todd has anger issues but it's caused by his sadness, of course that is obvious but I think I know a few things that revolve around his anger.
Theory 1. Todd didn't remember the fight between him and Kara (if Todd is still alive on your play through that is), he only remembers half of it like after he got hurt, he told the story that he thought happened but later on he realizes that the story he told was false.
Theory 1a. This is a alternate theory for theory 1: He was so high on red ice, he doesn't remember half of the fight because he blacked out in it, he later defended himself from the android thinking it was fighting HIM, not that he's fighting Kara.
Theory 2. Todd did remember all of it and is just a richard.

good theory but there's a lot of holes and flaws. honestly i think the game is a masterfully executed representation of racism in modern society that only a world class writer like david "game over" cage can exclusively perform. my theory is that the androids represent the minority race and population in the city of detroit, micihigan - this is a lot more apparent when the androids are kept in the back of the buses just like the pre-king era in american history. the details are extremely subtle but i think there's a very heartfelt message regarding today's modern society that even a legendary game like omikron: the nomad soul fails to hold up despite its status, a world where everyone is represented as androids because we can't think for ourselves until we break the wheel. david cage knows that gamers are becoming the most oppressed group of all and he's sharing his message so that the gamers can rise up and end it - no game overs (the failure of a game designer), the stories go on despite our pyrrhic victories and we as gamers will be there to tell that story again when we become a master like david "ellen page photobook" cage.