Author Topic: A playertype that plays music  (Read 303 times)

A playertype or bot that gives off music that players around can hear. 
I'd like to know if anyone has gotten anything like this made yet, I made a post back in 2017 and I've started hosting a server recently where I could really use some kind of playertype like this.

See: johncena.cs from mm2

in the meantime, you might consider using the boombox item by swollow

strangely enough, i also made an item_boombox a few years before swollow
but it was actually just a command, not sure why i didn't label it script/server instead of item
it also just pushed the music dialog to select songs, a modified versions of vehiclestereo

not sure where the original post went, but man this stuff was old in case it helps to modify it for your playertype
not sure how you plan on having the playertype work, select music on spawn or something?