Author Topic: VCE Simple Currency won't add cash when player cash is at $0  (Read 443 times)

Not sure if this is a bug with VCE or Simple Server Currency addon. I have a bank set up so that you can take/ deposit a fixed amount using a custom Bank variable that increases/ decreases depending on how much the player deposits/ withdraws. Once the player's cash reaches $0 when depositing, the bank will no longer let me withdraw, even even though my bank has money.
It fixes once I manually pick up the money items, but I cannot use any events to add cash to the player once it reaches $0.

Deposit events:

Withdraw events:

What the chat looks like:

Looking at the Simple Server Currency code, I think it's a problem with the mod. Ask Goth to fix it, he's still active.

Thanks for the info, it has been quite some time since I've updated Simple Server Currency

Here is an updated version that fixes the issue you were having and also adds a feature
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v.2.7 - Cash events now filter variable strings. For example, VCE_modCash -> add -> <var:cl:score>