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Clutzcraft is a semi-vanilla SMP with a whitelist. Plugins used are to prevent griefing, add small features, and add QoL improvements. The server is running Paper 1.13.2, and ViaVersion is installed so 1.14 clients can connect. The server will update to 1.14 once that becomes stable. Extra features include mining spawners with silk touch, spawn eggs as a rare mob drop, chest based shop creation, ender dragon dropping elytra, and multiplayer optimized sleeping.

-   No Griefing - This isn't possible when builds are properly protected, but respect other's property.
-   No Advertising/Spam - Grief Prevention also handles this, but it's just in poor taste regardless.
-   Common Sense/Maturity - It's just a game. Be respectful to others and have fun.

Join the Discord server and use the whitelisting channel to apply. Give your IGN and a short description of yourself.

didnt dynmap have options for it to not be an ugly url

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my name khorde

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