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so they just act like normal bots? still radical!

so they just act like normal bots? still radical!
Yeah. I listed some features that some of them have, these aren't anything special but they get the job done.

Edit: I'm leaving this open but I'm not sure about making new add-ons at the moment. I had a bad month and decided to "leave" for a month, I'm feeling better now at least. I'll probably go back to making add-ons soon.

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thanks for changing your mind

yeah you can leave the topic unlocked, if you're too busy/not interested in making mods just dont. remember you should be playing this for fun...

Yeah, you're right about that. I snapped and just needed a break. But I'm better now, I won't make add-ons at least for a bit longer.

Yeah, you're right about that. I snapped and just needed a break. But I'm better now, I won't make add-ons at least for a bit longer.
You do you. While i would love to see more of you, it is more important that you don't feel bad by/for doing it.
You have no obligation to us to deliver content. While i do appreciate the things you have done and given, but i also know that it is all out of good will practically.
And that is fine.

I made some changes to the bots, the flashbang add-on will no longer be required and I'll try packaging the important stuff from the gasmask item.

Some bots have new sounds and effects. When the bile bomb is tossed on any zombie, the bile will cause those zombies to attack each other. Another addition I added was the Molotov. Common infected that walk into the fire will panic and burn to death. A new zombie type will be the hazmat zombie to counter the Molotov. There's still no sign of the spitter yet but, I'll eventually add her.

There are more features that I'll probably make a video for, but I hope to release an update for the Left 4 Block zombies soon.

You make some really good add-ons Spartan224.

Thanks, dude. I appreciate the comment. I'll be making more add-ons and perhaps take requests soon!

Anyways, I'm almost done with the left 4 block zombies. Lot's of new features and changes were implemented in them, and I'm finally adding the spitter for the update.

For the L4B extension pack, I'll add in the Molotov and Gaskmask package into the add-on. There's also going to be a ton of new bot types and bug fixes for the extension pack and default.

Me and Spartan224 had a discussion on what the new zombies were gonna be in the extension and the ones that are planned to be included were:

The Crawler - A zombie who only crawls on all fours. It is also faster than a normal zombie. If it jumps into a survivor, it can make them lose the current weapon their holding. This zombie has 180 HP.
Hazmat Zombie - A zombie who wears a hazmat suit and is completely immune to fire damage. When killed, it has a 60% chance of dropping a bile jar. Other than that, the zombie basically is the same as the regular zombie.
The Leaker - A heavily radiated zombie that is pretty similar to the Boomer, except it does not have a vomit attack. When killed, it explodes and leaves behind toxic gas as well as a puddle of acid that resembles the Spitter's acid. It will probably have 150 HP.
The Trasher - A fat, slow zombie that is also pretty similar to the Boomer. It is pretty slow, so it camps behind objects in an attempt to ambush survivors. If the survivors get close, the Trasher reveals itself and vomits a goo-like substance onto the survivors that slows them down considerably due to the crushing weight. When killed, it leaves behind a small puddle of goo that immobilizes survivors for 10 seconds if they walk on it. Might have 215 HP.
The Stalker - A zombie from Roblox's R2DA. It is a tall, grey zombie that cannot damage the survivors in any way. Instead, it snatches survivors in its arms and takes them into a horde to have them finish him/her off. The Stalker can also generate a force-field around itself, rendering it invulnerable to enemy attacks. It can also turn invisible if it stays still for long enough, but will soon turn visible again if it makes a sudden movement. A quiet whispering sound can also be heard when it is near. It has 250 HP.

However, all of these zombies are just mere ideas and may or may not actually be added in.

can you make a knife for smelee

Yeah, once I finish the update for the L4B zombies I'll add one. I can't add in custom animations since I'm not sure how so it'll just be an awkward swinging motion.