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Author Topic: Spartan224's Add-Ons  (Read 13901 times)

Most of the animation sequences are a direct copy/paste from the base model. However to get that crumbling effect I have to hide every node except for the ribs. Then I call a function that spawns a projectile that has debris datablocks on it, these debris datablocks are the other hidden nodes.

So pretty much the death animation is still there but everything except the ribs are hidden, you can see how it works right here.
Right, sorry, don't want to overburden you with requests.
I completely forgot how the crumbling worked from the skeleton death add-on.
It would be cool to see the sitting animation idea still, but i can fully understand if you don't.
Just know that it looks fun already. Love the dooting skeleton.

Not so sure about the bone meal item, maybe a bottle of calcium instead (just a pills bottle with calcium printed on it or something).
Calcium skeleton memes sort of exist. Then again, hammering home the Minecraft reference is not a bad idea.

Thanks man, and no worries about the requests, I got time since I'm currently in the winter break. And I'm up for doing either the bottle or the bone meal, perhaps more variety would be nice but that's just me.

I'm not sure how to make custom HUD at the moment. But making an output event to toggle displaying the bot's name shape health is something I thought about.

Regardless, I'll try making the bot health hud a thing once I learn about Client HUDs and stuff, assuming that this will be used for one bot at a time such as a boss?
you read my mind

another idea came to mind and idk if this is already a thing or not with slayer, but what about something that can respawn players if a life system is enabled?

Goth77 sort of made this, it respawns the dead players who no longer have lives. It was in suggestions and requests but here you go.

didn't even realize but yeah that works.

The skeleton bots are available now, the L4B zombies will get another update soon.

Bot - Revised Skeletons

The skeleton bot is amazing. I hope everybody enjoys it.

I'm hoping so, as always I'll be open to suggestions if anyone has more ideas for these bots. Also, the L4B2 zombie bot update has been delayed a bit since I'm still adding stuff and polishing the code.

The update for the L4B zombies is still being worked on, but lots of optimizations/bug fixes/additions were added. From what I can remember, there are:

-New appearances
-More features
-New events
-More SFX
-Improved code
-New zombie types
-Upcoming 2nd extension pack with unusual zombie types

I'd say this update will come out in a few days or another week, depends on how much I can get done now.

My guns in my SWeps pack received a facelift with new models and better SFX. The FAMAS and SCAR-L are now burst fire instead of auto, and some new weapons will eventually get added. The Glock has been replaced with the M1911, and there's a new LMG variant along with a new shotgun (I forgot to show the new Remington 870 in the preview). What I have left is to finish adding the new weapons and add scope functionality for the snipers and new rifle.

Here's a preview for the new models:
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That LMG model in comparison with the rest though.
Looks kind of weird to be honest.

I'll add some stuff to it so the model can fit in with the rest.

2/23/2020: It's been a while since I last shared anything regarding new add-ons. It's also been over a while since I last updated the L4B zombies and the SWeps. At this point, I've pretty much lost my desire to continue keeping this topic up. I'll still be making add-ons I guess, but I'm retiring this BLF topic.

I'll be uploading my add-ons to Blockland Glass from now on, and I'm planning to make a website for add-on hosting. We'll see how that goes.
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the scarl is very good looking