Author Topic: Types of Blockland Forumers  (Read 2144 times)

1: The type who only stays in the off-topic section

2: the type who ignores off-topic sections

3: The type that only posts political stuff

6. The normal one who doesn't get into politics

6. microwave mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm beep beep beep

7. the one who posts things in the wrong board on a regular basis

8. stuffty dramas everywhere

9. 12 year old who's actually pretty decent and not a richardhead

10. a dumb user who leaves and later returns as if they went to blockland military school, aka much more mature than before

11. the boring one who just pops in every once in awhile

12. the one who doesn't even play blockland anymore

13. people who have been on here far too long


old timers are entitled to free concrete shoes in my newly established chain of old folks homes

12. the one who doesn't even play blockland anymore
how about never even played?