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I've been taking a course on web development and started making a game to test out my JavaScript.

There's not much to it, but it's interesting to play around with.

Have fun.

Updates (08/25/19):
Added new "CMYW" color mode.
Game now hides everything until the JavaScript has loaded.
Tweaked layout.
Fixed bugs.

Updates (08/26/19):
Added new "Timed" game mode.
Changed options menu functionality. (Pauses game, and changes the next round without affecting the current one.)
Tweaked layout.
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how do u pla y dis......

how do u pla y dis......
If you click the "Clone or download" button, then hit "Download Zip", you'll get a .zip with all the files in it.

Then you just need to extract it and open the "rgbit.html" file in you browser.