Author Topic: game soundtracks that totally SLAP  (Read 2795 times)
nuclear throne has the most fitting soundtrack of all time fight me

System Shock 2

the ost is good but system shock 2 with the music turned off is 1000x a better experience don't deny it

Mega Man forgetin X

pretty much any Mega Man game really

oh and Bravely Default. real masterpieces there

payday 2
final fantasy 7&8
black ops zombies
jet set radio

the dixmiggie series

all rayman games (except rabbids i guess)
metal gear rising revengance
bugdom 1
zapper: one wicked cricket

guess i gotta be the one to do it
hotline miami 1, 2's also good but i haven't finished it yet

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yeah the minecraft soundtrack is actually amazing.

also, the Halo soundtrack. it blends live orchestration with gregorian chant, ambient music, and (west?) african percussion. very forward thinking for a game soundtrack.

oh yeah anyone who hasnt listened to marble it up soundtrack is missing out